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Actress, Physical Theatre Artist, Teacher, and Consultant, Karen Anne Light

Current & Recent Work


Further Pedagogical Research in Neutral Mask

with Giulio Lorenzo Vanzan, PhD



Assistant for Sublime Stupidity: An Intro to Red Nose Clown with Elizabeth Baron

Pedagogical Assistant to Teacher, Elizabeth Baron

November 3-5, 2023

Radical Movement Factory

Santa Cruz, CA

Acting, Movement, and Formwork Consultation

for "River" music video by Cunt Jazz

October 9-November 12, 2023

Brooklyn, NY

Movement Consultation

for queer fantasy series "The Fae" 

October 2023

Brooklyn, NY

Julius Caesar

July 17, 19, 21, 24, 2023

Directed by Anna Rebek

Purchase tickets before they run out!

Formwork Consultation

for "Aureola", an original play by Justin Anderson Taylor

April 2023 - present

Formwork: Dramaturgical and Character Research 

for "Unblinking Eye" by Justin Anderson Taylor

with Elizabeth Baron

May-July 2023


Foundations of Devised Theatre:
The Neutra
l Body as a Canvas

May 13-14

Details & Registration Here!


Prowling the Abyss 


directed by Elizabeth Baron 

Sisters of Rapture


directed by Simone Federman

The Fae


created & produced by Shelton Lindsay, Joshua Fesi, Justin A Taylor 

Unblinking Eye 


Justin A Taylor (playwright), Jessi D Hill (director), Katie Down (composer)

Photograph (above) by Simone Federman

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