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Teaching & Consulting

Karen draws from her extensive background in performance, including classical, contemporary, devised movement-based theatre, and dance to teach movement theatre, support flow and play, and help performers bring their artistic visions and instincts into being.


Devised Theatre Creation


Red Nose Theatre Clown

Mask / Form Work


Body-based approach to text and language


Voice and Breath

"Karen sees the light in your shadow. Her arms, eyes and voice build a safe and joyful  energetic space where you feel seen. Her constructive feedback and guidance is part of the pleasure of her facilitation style. Poetry has a good house when Karen makes her call to the creatures of the magic land of stupid wisdom."

-Jaime Benavides, poet & clown

NYC and Spain


These  workshops have been offered in the past, and/or are available to present at theatres, studios, universities, schools, and companies/collaboratives.

Testimonials are at the bottom of this page. 

"Different" by Theatre Grottesco, 2019. Pictured left to right: Susie Perkins, Danielle Louise Reddick, Susan Skeele, Karen Anne Light, Myriah Duda, Robin Duda. Direction: John Flax. Photo by Paul Trachtman.

From “Different” by Theater Grottesco,  2019. Pictured L to R: Susie Perkins, Danielle Louise Reddick, Susan Skeele,  Karen Anne Light, Myriah Duda, Robin Duda. Direction: John Flax. Photo by Paul Trachtman.

Foundations in Devised Theatre: The Neutral Body As A Canvas

Click here to read more about this workshop.

The word ‘Neutrality’ does not seem to convey the profound experience of neutrality. Neutrality is the moment of infinite possibility . . . the potent, pregnant, seeing stillness which births a play and its myths, tales, and characters. Neutrality places the actor in a state of limitless expanse, from which they may become aware that every possible character, human, creature, and experience already exists within them, and can be called into the physical space to be seen and to play....

Butter Sandwich: A Clown from "Prowling the Abyss" by Karen Anne Light

The red nose is the tiniest of theatre masks, but the one with the greatest power:  to reveal the innermost and purest parts of you - and make you laugh at them. This weekend workshop will introduce you to your own clown, the true-st, you-est you there is. You may be surprised to find yourself laughing at parts of yourself you judge, struggle to hide, or usually see as unremarkable. The clown is an access to profound wisdom, absurd logic, accidental brilliance, and endless possibilities for play and discovery on stage and off. Students will come away with the stunning simplicity and power of having encountered their own true clown!

Read more about this workshop here...

From The Physical Theatre Conservatory at Flying Actor Studio, San Francisco

Mime is among the most ancient theatre arts: through pure movement and imagination, entire worlds - realistic and fantastical - are birthed onstage. Participants of this workshop (actors, movers, performers, and artists of all stripes) will experience an initiation into the world of seeing and creating through movement; skills which, with time and dedication, will distinguish them as theater artists capable of embodied and dynamic creative contributions onstage and in rehearsal. On its own, or incorporated with other performance art forms, mime technique can contribute to the development of original and profound works of theatre.

Formwork: Breath, Voice, Character, and Mask
Created by Elizabeth Baron

Formwork is a unique combination of breath, voice, and movement work meant to discover theatrical forms living deep within the body.


Formwork can be offered to small workshop groups, though it is usually practiced individually with the teacher or director. Students will be guided through gradual and gentle breathing and vocal practices to release vital physical energy  - emotions, movement, and/or states of flow and play. In this dynamic, intuitive state, body-based theatrical forms begin to emerge through breath, voice, and movement. These forms -like characters, but originating in and emerging from vibrations deep within the body- are engaged through improvisational play which is often revelatory, and full of intuitive wisdom. Eventually, these forms can spark original creative material or expand new areas in one’s personal growth.


"Karen is a great artist, deeply connected with the soul and the roots of mask work. Her passion and dedication of many years led her to embody the true spirit of a mask teacher, through empathy, knowledge and wise guidance in the process of unfolding the form. " 

-Giulio Lorenzo Vanzan, PhD

Movement Theatre, Mask, & Red Nose Artist and Teacher; Therapist


“Karen truly respects the lineage of this approach to red nose theatre clown, and as a performer, she flourishes in it! As a teacher, she is passionate about her students, and she is endlessly creative in the play with them. Her long term, in-depth study and practice within the many forms of movement theatre enable her to draw from many approaches to the work.”

-Elizabeth Baron, award-winning Lecoq movement theatre, mask, voice, and Red Nose Clown director, teacher, creator, and actor; was part of permanent teaching team at Giovanni Fusetti's Hèlikos: Scuola Internazionale Di Creazione Teatrale

(...and esteemed mentor, teacher, and director to Karen ;)

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Karen, whose unique approach to teaching allowed me to finally feel the deeper connection with my body I had been seeking in my performance work.

Her work with me involved a gradual and subtle form of bodywork that enabled me to connect to deeper levels of emotion, while remaining completely safe and embodied. She also integrated  LeCoq
technique and devised character work  in a way that felt responsive and tailored to my needs.


In addition to working with me on general movement practice, Karen has also helped me develop characters for two separate projects, one on film (Carma With a C) and the other live performance (The Lulo Style Group Shark Attack ). In both processes, Karen's eye for the natural needs of the scene, and comedic truth of the character, helped take the work to the next level. I cannot recommend her more strongly as a teacher, coach, and all-around clown-whisperer!"

~Cecilia Corrigan

poet, writer, comedian and actor


"I’ve been clowning for a little over a year and something I kept getting told is there can be more range, it doesn’t have to be one emotion, you can have multiple clowns, but I never really understood or knew how to access these different clowns or even know how to explore range within my main clown. After working with Karen is when I started to discover different clown forms within me! She creates such a fun and soft SAFE space that gives me permission to let my fully chaotic messy beautiful and creative self free! I’m always looking for ways to draw from the work we do together and I’m always excited to work with her again. It’s a great way to start uncovering different forms that could become other clowns and characters. " 

-Kristen Hoffman,

actor, creator, clown, entertainer, NYC

"Omg karen it is leaving me with such a good feeling!! I couldn’t think of a better guide for this project!!!! I loved the work and all the revelations…. Your gift for guiding formwork is just fantastic. I feel like Aureola and my artistic practice is getting a huge turnaround…."

~Justin Anderson Taylor


Providence, RI

"Working with Karen was very special for me. She created an atmosphere right from the start that invited me to let go of all my holdings. She led me with care and curiosity. It was a unique experience of releasing everything I had brought from day and then once I was a puddle we found a playful dynamic together and we began to play and create from there. It was transformative." ~Christopher Tramantana

actor, educator, creator


"I didn't expect myself to feel so safe, I went to this class full of fear and awkwardness only to forget that such feelings even exist. And you have no idea how much I appreciate this pressure-free environment, I felt so free to explore, thanks to you.
And I had sooo much fun watching other people sharing this art form with me, it was hilarious and moving.
Will be on a lookout for your workshops."
-Kristina Korop, NYC

"I am a musician and I struggle with stage fright. Just by exploring improvisational theatrical mask / form work with Karen in a few sessions, I've been able to connect to a sense of flow again, which has greatly helped me as an artist. "

~Amos A,

musician, audio producer, visual artist


"You have great insight and your prompts were spot on! I found working with you to be a true joy. You're communicative and straightforward, and your insights were useful and aided in the completion of our piece (The Lulo Style Group Shark Attack). You are a theater doula and a process goddess! "

~Rose Luardo,

artist, performer, comedian, dancer

Philedelphia, PA

"Karen Anne Light is a fierce, yet gentle teacher who encourages the full range of expression inside of one's body: movement, sound, taste, listening, feeling, inviting all of the sensations into creation. She creates a warm, loving environment where people feel safe to create and be their full selves. "

-Brooke Ferris,

Yoga, AcroYoga, Dance, Music, Clown


"Karen led a heart-opening class that allowed each one of us to be so present with ourselves and each other that our clowns' true feelings were bursting out at the seams. The full range of emotion was experienced and expressed and it was incredible to see everyone in the (large) group access their truth in that moment and share it with the audience. Karen was able to sense the energy of each individual with ease and guide them to a place of discovery and play. The openness I felt during her class led me to find freedom in my body which allowed a new character to emerge! I also appreciate the time she took afterward to give me feedback, something that not enough teachers do."

-Rebecca Wolf,

actor & model


"I took a wonderful class with Karen Light this week. Even in a short class, she was able to guide the group (and me) to places of fun insight and discovery. I appreciated the nurturing and open way she made space for silliness and playfulness, but also elicited the poetry and beauty of clown."
-Nadav Wiesel,

"Karen’s drop in class was a delight. I came with the heaviness of an impending work layoff (all good!) and left ecstatic for more clown play, new characters, and exploration. I greatly appreciated Karen’s insightful, gentle, and instinctive guidance as we explored contact through different exercises. Also, I loved Karen’s openness to different types of clowns - sad clowns, angry clowns, ecstatic clowns, the whole gamut. Sometimes in classes there is an unspoken pressure that students must make each other laugh, and it was liberating that we could witness other types of clown and feel what we feel. Thank you!"

-Irene Convey


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