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Karen Anne Light is an actress, teaching artist, and consultant who creates devised physical theatre.

She seeks a theatre - and a world - which is for every kind of body, every kind of artist; a theatre which invites a dazzling multitude of forms and expressions to come out,  to be seen, and to play...!


Productions include Prowling the Abyss (NYC); Unblinking Eye (NYC); Sisters of Rapture (NYC); Portals, and Alice Down the Rwong Wrabbit Whole (San Francisco). Karen was part of the ensemble which created and performed Different with Theater Grottesco (Santa Fe, NM).

She  appears as Nancy 3 in The Faea queer web series (PrideFLIX, Philedelphia Independent, OUTstream, and Big Apple Film Festivals), served as an acting consultant for the short "Carma With A C", and can also be seen in The Fury of Frau Frankenstein by beloved underground queer filmmaker, George Kuchar.


She is in ongoing collaboration with playwright Justin Anderson Taylor, directors Elizabeth Baron and Jessi Hill, and artist Amos A


Karen  works with artists as a consultant and teacher, helping them to achieve their creative visions and find more freedom as performers through movement theatre play. She works with individuals and collaboratives on developing or existing creative projects and theatrical training, and leads groups in physical theatre workshops. 

Her work in Shakespearean and contemporary theatre from an early age inspired her to seek the origins of the art form through physical theatre and dance,  especially Clown, Mime, Epic Rhapsodic text, and the Formwork of Elizabeth Baron. 


Delighted by the surprising, profound, and hilarious creative play that resulted from this immersion, she began to devise original solo and group productions, and incorporate principles of movement theatre within all of her performance - and everything else, too!


Since 2014, Karen has continued ongoing work and training in Elizabeth Baron's Formwork, Red Nose Theatre Clown, performance creation, pedagogical research, Reichian breathwork, Wu Tao, Giovanni Fusetti's Polarities, and Vocal Pedagogy for Physical Theatre with her mentor and teacher, Elizabeth Baron, and recently trained in Bouffon with Giovanni Fusetti, all within the lineage of Jacques Lecoq.


Past training includes devised physical theatre, Mime, Clown, and Mask with James Donlon & Leonard Pitt through the Flying Actor Studio Conservatory, Théâtre du Soleil (Paris), Theater Grottesco, John Gilkey, and John O'Keefe; International Dance with Lorna Zilba of Life Dance Theater (San Francisco), and Butoh with Hiroko Tamano (San Francisco). At San Francisco State University she earned a degree in Theatre Arts and trained in Suzuki Method and Meisner Technique, as well as Shakespearean Theatre through the British American Drama Academy (UK).


You can view Karen's résumé by clicking here.

Karen Anne Light performs Red Nose Theatre Clown at Mutiny Radio, San Francisco

Karen Anne Light performs as Red Nose Clown, Futtonna Buttonna, at Mutiny Radio, San Francisco

Unblinking Eye with Alyssa Simon, Christopher Tramantana, and Karen Anne Light,  at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center Rough Draft Festival

Unblinking Eye at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center w/ Alyssa Simon, Christopher Tramantana, Karen Anne Light

Myriah Duda and Karen Anne Light in Different by Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Myriah Duda and Karen Anne Light in Theater Grottesco's Different

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