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"Different" by Theatre Grottesco, 2019. Pictured left to right: Susie Perkins, Danielle Louise Reddick, Susan Skeele, Karen Anne Light, Myriah Duda, Robin Duda. Direction: John Flax. Photo by Paul Trachtman.

From “Different” by Theater Grottesco,  2019. Pictured L to R: Susie Perkins, Danielle Louise Reddick, Susan Skeele,  Karen Anne Light, Myriah Duda, Robin Duda. Direction: John Flax. Photo by Paul Trachtman.

Foundations in Devised Theatre: The Neutral Body As A Canvas
Postponed! Check back for updates!
May 13-14, 2023
offered through Flying Carpet T

Imagine a theatre which invites every kind of body, every kind of artist…

The word ‘Neutrality’ does not seem to convey the profound experience of neutrality. Neutrality is the moment of infinite possibility . . . the potent, pregnant, seeing stillness which births a play and its myths, tales, and characters. Neutrality places the actor in a state of limitless expanse, from which they may become aware that every possible character, human, creature, and experience already exists within them, and can be called into the physical space to be seen and to play!

How can ‘Neutrality’ help actors to create characters and to be stronger artists? 

Clown, bouffon, drama, comedy, mask, creatures, and personas – all theatrical forms and ideas – emerge from a foundation in Neutrality: the Neutral Body, Neutral State, and Neutral Movement. Contact with and embodiment of Neutrality is a taste of freedom, and a source of power which can imbue any performer with an unnameable and unmistakable “something else”.

If you wish to learn the art of devised, movement-based work, created with a wonderful muse (your body!), then this workshop is an invitation to begin! You will discover in yourself a source of endless, fresh inspiration, from which your own archetypal theatre forms will eventually emerge. 

You will develop an accessible, somatic understanding of core elements of theatre and all performance – ensemble creation, musicality and rhythm, and the power of your body and movement to create states, images, themes; to draw from and create poetic space. 

You will leave with the groundwork for impactful stage technique, performance creation, and a flow of inspiration for the development of characters and stories which have the power to connect with audiences of all kinds. 

This workshop is a crucial first step in the cultivation and training necessary to create a physical theatre practice. While spontaneous moments of theatre will emerge abundantly through learning activities and improvisation, this workshop is an initial experience intended for a long period of training, and will not culminate in public performance creation at the end of our weekend together.


  • Neutral Body and the Neutral State

  • Poetic Space

  • Relationship between the body and the space

  • Ensemble Dynamics

  • Animal Forms & Mimodynamic Movement

  • Rhythm and Musicality of movement

  • The beginnings of devising from improvisation

  • Connection and Flow

  • A non-hierarchical approach to theatre making, placing actors on even footing as theatre makers, alongside playwrights, directors, producers, and designers


This class is for performers at any level of experience. 

Seasoned professionals and beginners will receive an initiation into the artistic and pedagogic theatre traditions of internationally celebrated artists and teachers: 

  • the NeoClassical Mime Theatre of James Donlon

  • Lecoq Physical Theatre as taught by Giovanni Fusetti & Elizabeth Baron of Helikos Scuola Internazionale and John Flax of Theater Grottesco


Non-performing theatre professionals, dancers and movers, artists of other mediums, bodyworkers, and anyone who wishes to apply principles of physical theatre in non-artistic capacities, are also welcome.

Saturday, May 13th – Sunday, May 14th

12:00 p.m. – 7 p.m. (includes a one hour break)

at New Georges’ “The Room”!

ART/New York’s Spaces at 520

520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018

Cost: $300 due via PayPal by May 13th. 

This workshop is intended for 10-20 students. 

$75 deposit by May 1st confirms your spot in the workshop!

*$50 discount to those who pay full tuition by March 31st.

*Reduced rate available to individuals of marginalized/global majority populations. If this applies to you, please request the reduced rate in your Google Form (see below). It’s a trust-based system–no questions asked.

To enroll, please pay the $75 deposit via PayPal (button below) by May 1st and fill out this Google Form



The workshop venue requires that everyone wear masks in common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, and anywhere else outside the studio.

Additionally, participants will be asked to present a negative Covid test result (obtained within the past 24 hours before our start time) when they arrive on the first day.

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