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Popsicle Semicolon and Futtonna Buttonna, Red Nose Clowns

Popsicle Semicolon & Futtonna Buttonna (Sarah Kauffman Michael & Karen Anne Light)

in a Red Nose Clown rendition of "The Tempest". Mutiny Radio, San Francisco

The red nose is the tiniest of theatre masks, but the one with the greatest power:  to reveal the innermost and purest parts of you - and make you laugh at them. This weekend workshop will introduce you to your own clown, the true-st, you-est you there is. You may be surprised to find yourself laughing at parts of yourself you judge, struggle to hide, or usually see as unremarkable. The clown is an access to profound wisdom, absurd logic, accidental brilliance, and endless possibilities for play and discovery on stage and off. Students will come away with the stunning simplicity and power of having encountered their own true clown!

This weekend workshop is open to artists and non-artists at all levels of training and experience. 


8-16 students per workshop

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